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Carre Street Clinic - Dave Batten
Dave Batten, Sports Therapist

Muscle pain and injury is not only caused by sport or exercise. Many daily activities such as sitting at a desk, driving or even just carrying the shopping to the car can cause muscular problems resulting in aches and pains. With rest, the pain will ease but, over time, a build-up of scar tissue due to these activities may leave muscles weakened and prone to re-injury, sometimes leading to more serious long-term conditions.

Sports Therapists work with the soft tissues of your body to relax, lengthen and re-balance tense or injured muscles by using a combination of massage and more specialised stretching techniques such as Myofascial Release. These techniques can result in noticeable improvements in flexibility and range of movement, as well as reduction in pain and discomfort.

As part of the treatment, I look to identify the cause of any particular problem and apply appropriate treatment and rehabilitation techniques to correct muscular imbalance, improve posture and minimise the risk of the injury recurring.

Dave Batten

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