Stopping smoking & other addictive behaviours

Carre Street Clinic is committed to providing a range of natural, non-pharmaceutical treatments aimed at helping people give up unwanted addictive behaviours (eg smoking, drinking, over-eating).

Addictive behaviour patterns and experiences vary greatly from person to person. At Carre Street Clinic we recognise the importance of providing individually tailored treatment programmes. What works for one person may not work for another.

Treatments on offer include:-

Acupuncture - using auricular (points on the ear) and/or body points. Treatments such as the NADA (National Acupuncture Detoxification Association) protocol have been shown to be particularly effective when used to support drug and/or nicotine withdrawal.

EFT - naturally helps to remove unwanted behaviours.

Herbal Medicine - Herbal Medicine can help with both the physical withdrawal problems (ie through the use of herbs that bind to nicotine receptors) as well as the emotional problems that often accompany addictive behaviour.

Hypnotherapy - uses the power of the subconscious mind to help manage unwanted habit problems.

These treatments can be used individually or in combination depending on personal requirements. Contact us for a personalised price plan.

How much does it cost?

Acupuncture for stopping smoking - £300 for a course of 6 sessions, taken over 3 weeks.

EFT - or First appointment £60. Further sessions £50.

Hypnotherapy for stopping smoking - £100 per session.

Please enquire as discounts are often available.

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